Bonus Room Build Out

What was once an underutilized and dysfunctional space is now a den that perfectly suits our clients' needs! Aside from some additional conditioned storage, this renovation provides extra space for entertaining and another full bathroom. Without expanding the footprint of the home, we were able to add a living area that is both functional and enjoyable! While the interior is impressive on its own, the added dormers are the crowning jewels. They make the space more open and allow for natural lighting. It creates a welcoming space that flows beautifully with the rest of the home, both inside and out. We were so glad to help our clients make one seemingly minor change that truly elevates their home and living experience.

Please excuse the blue tape and other signs of unfinished work. These photos had to be taken before we completed the project. We always make sure everything is perfect before declaring our projects "complete", that includes details that could be missed without a trained eye.