Kendall Hinst

Kendall moved to Nashville with her family in 2013 and has no plans to leave any time soon. She is the daughter of Dan Hinst, Nova’s general manager, and has grown up learning bits and pieces about construction from him. She studied psychology through Colorado Christian University and graduated in 2022 with a B.S. in Psychology. The information she learned in this program helped her grow in relational skills that have proven to translate well in her current position and in her passion for local community outreach projects. Once she is done with college, she plans to expand her knowledge of the business side of the construction industry and continue serving homeless and low income families. Daniel Brimer hired her as his assistant in September of 2021 to help him manage the many responsibilities and details that come with a rapidly growing company. In her free time, she likes to find the hidden gems of Nashville, especially the ones that involve outdoor activities, food, and coffee.